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Favre? Who Else Would We Be Talking About?

Mon Sep 19 12:01pm EDT

And now they’re calling for Brett Favre in Indianapolis
Most of the Brett Favre(notes) talk this offseason was done half-jokingly. Sure, there were desperate teams out there, and you can’t rule anything out with Favre, but when his name was brought up, it was mostly done without any real expectation that anything would happen.

It still probably isn’t going to, but the pleas for Favre to come back are getting a little more desperate and a little more serious. Here’s Bob Kravitz of the Indy Star, making the case that the Indianapolis Colts should give Favre a call.

The next time Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay tweets about visiting Hattiesburg, Miss., here’s hoping he’s not joking around.

Seriously, what’s there to lose at this point with the Indianapolis Colts’ season swirling — having swirled — hopelessly down the drain with Sunday’s 27-19 loss to the Cleveland Browns?

Why not try something a little crazy and see if Brett Favre is interested in dismounting his tractor and taking over the Colts offense?

What was once a Twitter joke now looks like a semi-reasonable option, at least if the Colts can figure out some way to make it work with the salary cap. Sure, it would be a Hail Mary, a desperate move in desperate times, but what do the Colts have to lose?

That’s the bigger point Kravitz makes — that the Colts don’t have anything to lose. And I hate to admit it, but a call for Favre does make sense. Clearly, nothing good is happening under Kerry Collins(notes), so why not give Favre a call and take a long-shot on a miracle, as opposed to sticking with the sure thing of a lost season under Kerry Collins?

And if not Favre, why not stick Curtis Painter(notes) in the lineup? That way, at least you learn more about Painter, you get him some experience and see if he’s worth hanging on to for a while. And if he continues to be as miserable as he was in the preseason, then the upside is that you’re in position to draft Andrew Luck.

It’s worth pointing out, too, that despite all this, it’s pointless to be mad at Kerry Collins. No, he hasn’t played well, but he walked into an impossible situation, and Kerry Collins is, well, Kerry Collins. He was never going to step in and replicate Peyton Manning(notes). At best, at this point in his career, he’ll manage a game for you, and if the rest of your team is good, maybe you’ll win some games.

Unfortunately, the rest of the Colts team is not good. No matter what they do — Favre, Painter, Collins — Colts fans aren’t going to have anything to be excited about until next year, when Peyton Manning is back, perhaps tutoring Andrew Luck.


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